Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

Pay Attention to Your Puffed-up Feet

February 27, 2023

We demand a lot from our feet. We use them every day to walk, run, stand and perform numerous other tasks. So it’s no wonder that they tend to become irritated and swollen. 

The office of Kirkland Office is an expert in the field of podiatry. We gladly give all of our patients as much time as they need to ask questions and tell us about any of their concerns. They receive clear explanations regarding their treatment options. Our mission is to help your feet function well and stay healthy. 

One or both swollen feet are uncomfortable and can grow to be painful. There are many reasons why feet swell up. Here are a few of them, some of which aren’t even directly related to the feet themselves. 

An injury: A trip, fall or misstep can result in swelling and indicate a sprain or broken bone. Your ankle foot will probably get puffy from the blood that has sped to the area to help it heal. If it aches or you can’t put weight on it, call a podiatrist. 

Edema: When your body retains too much water, some of it could end up in your feet, especially if you’re pregnant. Inflated feet can also come about after a long airplane flight, if you’ve spent quite a few hours standing continuously or, if you’re a woman, during menstruation. The bloating usually abates on its own, but it can also be an indication of a health issue such as heart failure, low protein levels, or liver or kidney disease.

Chronic venous insufficiency: Your blood travels in veins via one-way valves that prevent it from backing up when it runs from your legs and feet back up to your heart. These valves can get damaged as you get older or if you stand or sit for long stretches. Blood clots can also harm the valves. If your blood doesn’t go back to your heart in the proper manner, it can gather in your legs and feet and make them swell.

Seek immediate medical help if your feet are swollen and your chest hurts, or you’re having trouble breathing. These symptoms could indicate fluid or a blood clot in your lungs. See a podiatrist if an engorged foot stays indented after you poke it, the foot’s skin breaks or is stretched, or pain and swelling don’t disperse. 

Kirkland Office is dedicated to providing the ultimate in skilled and considerate care. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us today for an appointment. We look forward to finding out how we can help you.

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