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Do the Color of Your Toenails Ever Change? Here’s Why.

January 2, 2024

You see your fingernails a lot more than your toenails simply because your fingers are right in front of you, while your toes are usually covered by socks and shoes. But you should inspect your toenails every few days. Changes in their color could indicate a problem. 

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Here are some colors and what they could mean.

Green: The nailbed could have an infection called chloronychia. Also called green nail syndrome, it’s caused by bacteria that flourish in wet or damp environments. Chloronychia can be spurred by hot tubs, sweaty socks, sweaty shoes, or the floors of personal or public showers. Only a podiatrist can clear it up. 

White: A spot could evolve from stubbing your toe. It will eventually grow out so you can cut it off during a pedicure. A white streak can also appear after an injury—but not a painful injury. It can show up when your shoes are too small and a toe constantly pounds against the front of the shoe.

Blue: A severe trauma can turn a nail blue. But if a nail has a blue spot for no reason, it might be just an innocuous mole on the nailbed. But see a podiatrist about it anyway. In extremely rare instances, a blue mole called a cellular blue nevus can turn cancerous.

Black: This bruise, called a subungual hematoma, is an injury to the nail bed. Chances are good that you’ve already had at least one subungual hematoma under a fingernail. (Remember that time you accidentally slammed a door on your finger?) It’s rare but possible that a black toenail indicates malignant melanoma, a fungal infection or a chronic ingrown toenail. 

If you have even the slightest concern about a change of color in one or more of your toenails, see a podiatrist. 

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