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Feet Hurt? Maybe An Insert Or Orthotic Is The Answer

October 30, 2023

When you’re shopping for a pair of shoes, athletic footwear or hiking boots, do you ever stop to consider the insoles? Most footwear comes with a basic insole that isn’t designed for the unique shape or each pair of feet. Even if you’ve chosen a well-made brand, you still may experience discomfort, pain or an imbalance in your gait because of the lack of support these insoles provide. 

The doctor of podiatry at Kirkland Office is an expert at ensuring your feet are properly protected and supported when at work, on the trail, or out for a run. There are a wide variety of over-the-counter inserts on the market, as well as custom orthotics made by prescription, and our foot and ankle specialist will guide you in choosing the right one.

Over-the-counter inserts can replace the insoles that came with your shoes, or can be worn on top of or with an existing insole. These include heel cups, metatarsal pads, gel or foam cushions, and arch supports. While it may seem simple to choose the right one, it may be trickier than you think. For example, you might think a softer insert is the answer, when it turns out the opposite is true.

Orthotics are custom-fitted devices our podiatrist prescribes after a hands-on examination, observation of how you walk, and consideration of your activity level. Orthotics help align and support your foot, ankle and lower extremities, and can be especially helpful in cases of bursitis, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics can help delay the need for surgery or be beneficial after surgery. 

The podiatrist at Kirkland Office is expert at all matters concerning the foot and ankle, and understands how frustrating it can be when your footwear “just doesn’t fit,” no matter which brand you try. Instead of trying to choose an insert by trial and error, why not let an expert walk you through it? Please contact us today for an appointment. 

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