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Going For A Salon Pedicure? Better Read This First

August 28, 2023

Summer is the time when our feet and toes go on display in sandals and other footwear. For many of us that means going to our local salon for a pedicure, which generally includes a foot soak, an exfoliating rub to remove dead skin, and cutting, shaping and coloring the toenails. Our podiatrist at Kirkland Office cautions our patients to carefully follow some do’s and don’ts recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association to make sure your next pedicure is safe.

  • Speak to our podiatrist beforehand if you have poor circulation or diabetes for recommendations for procedures that will safeguard the health of your feet.
  • Try to schedule your pedicure early in the morning, which increases the likelihood that the salon’s foot baths are cleaner. If not, ask if the salon cleans the foot baths between customers.
  • Consider bringing your own implements to the salon, to ensure they have been properly sterilized. Bacteria and fungus can be transmitted by unsterilized equipment. 
  • Refrain from shaving your legs beforehand, as this may leave small cuts that can be vulnerable to bacteria.
  • The same tools should not be used for both a manicure and pedicure because of the risk of bacteria and fungus being transferred between fingers and toes. 
  • Don’t permit the salon to use a foot razor to remove dead skin. This procedure can cause damage or infection if too much skin is removed. 
  • Emery boards cannot be sterilized and should not be shared. Bring your own unless the salon replaces them with each customer.
  • Don’t put nail polish on over thick or discolored nails, which may be signs of infection. Polish prevents healing from occurring. 

Our doctor of podiatry at Kirkland Office is expert in all aspects of the health of the foot and ankle. If you have any questions about pedicures or any other concerns, please contact us today!

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