Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

Going Barefoot Has Its Dangers

July 25, 2023

Roaming around without shoes or any other kind of footwear brings many people the ultimate sense of freedom. Sure, it’s Heaven on Earth, but it’s also perilous. All walking surfaces have their risks—even at home. Going barefoot puts a lot of pressure on a foot’s heel, ball and shin. Damage to any or all of those areas can lead to long-term issues. 

When you want outstanding podiatric care, look to the office of Kirkland Office. We provide a comprehensive range of advanced services—from the essentials in preventive care to the foremost restorative and emergency treatments. 

Prehistoric humans wore moccasins and sandals for good reason. Footwear was their defense against the many seen and unseen hazards that lay on the ground. But it’s not only natural terrain that harbors unsafe objects. All communal facilities—gyms, pools, sidewalks, stores, restaurants, you name it—hold something painful and/or dangerous. Every surface has remnants of every person who’s also walked on it. 

Mother Nature isn’t kind to unprotected feet either. She holds bacteria, fungus, viruses, sharp objects, animal waste, insects that sting and bite, and plants that cause contact dermatitis (poison ivy, sumac and oak). You have no idea what you’ll encounter. The list is endless. All tiny cuts in your feet can let in destructive bacteria, which can cause warts on your soles, and infections in your feet and toenails.

Shoes also lessen your chances of injury. Soles deliver traction on slippery surfaces, as well as stability against ankle and ligament sprains while treading on uneven land. 

Getting back to the subject of homestead hazards, there’s lots to be leery of in your carpeting, rugs and hard floors: pet droppings, small toys, fungus, stuff from the garage floor broken shards of glass and plastic, and anything you or anyone else has traipsed in from the great outdoors. You and your housemates can wear comfy shoes that are strictly for indoor use, and tell all guests to leave their shoes on a mat next to the front door. 

If you step on something dangerous while barefoot, see a podiatrist right away. Kirkland Office has a well-established reputation for providing excellent service at our ultramodern facility, which is your resource for the best in podiatry. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

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