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New To Hiking? Talk To Our Podiatrist First

March 29, 2023

The popularity of hiking has exploded, with more people than ever hitting the trails to savor the great outdoors while getting a healthy workout. The reasons are simple: Hiking doesn’t require tons of equipment, it can be enjoyed by people of a wide range of ages and abilities, and most communities have parks located nearby. Our podiatrist at Kirkland Office reminds our patients to take the proper steps before jumping in with both feet.

  • Choosing the proper footwear is Step 1. When choosing hiking boots or shoes, consider the types of trails you plan to traverse, the distance and whether you’ll be carrying a pack. You’ll want footwear that’s supportive, comfortable, lightweight and either waterproof or water resistant. It’s best to visit an outdoor retailer to get a fitting and advice on brands that are best for the shape of your feet. Our podiatrist can make recommendations about insoles, orthotics or other modifications. 
  • Before you go, visit the park or trail’s website to view the map, and download one of the hiking apps, such as Alltrails, Avenza, or The Hiking Project, on your phone. Make sure your phone is fully charged, and check in with friends or relatives about your plans. Bring plenty of water; it’s recommended to carry one-half liter (about 17 ounces) for every hour, depending on climate. Always pack a snack that can survive in heat or cold, such as nuts, raisins, or energy bars.
  • Don’t hike alone! For safety and camaraderie, it’s more enjoyable with a friend. Many areas have hiking groups with outings at various levels.
  • Start slowly, choose a trail with easier terrain and less mileage than you think you can handle. It’s not a race; there’s no need to hurry.
  • Before embarking on this new activity, take a hike over to our podiatrist at Kirkland Office to make sure your feet and ankles are ready for the adventure. Please contact our office today for an appointment!
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