Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

Cracked Heels? Our Podiatrist Can Help

January 24, 2023

Our heels serve an important function, protecting the structure of the foot and providing weight-bearing stability when we are standing and walking. Dry, cracked skin in the heel area can be uncomfortable and even painful, especially during the cold winter months. Our doctor of podiatric medicine at Kirkland Office is a leading expert in all conditions affecting the foot and ankle, so if you are experiencing discomfort due to the condition of one or both of your heels, we offer the following list of suggestions for treating this common malady.

  • Apply a moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acids or urea to the affected areas. As the cracks and fissures begin to heal, it’s time to switch to creams with ceramides, petroleum or natural oils.
  • Give your feet a 10-minute soaking in warm water each day. Don’t make the water too hot!
  • Use a scrub brush or pumice stone with light pressure to remove excess dead skin.

If these methods don’t yield signs of improvement, our foot and ankle specialist can evaluate whether a fungus or bacteria is causing the cracking. We may remove the dead skin and provide a prescription for medicated cream.

A cracked heel may be caused by wearing shoes that are open in the back, or by excessive weight. It can sometimes signal a more serious medical condition, including diabetes or a damaged nerve. A diagnosis by our podiatrist can affirm whether this is the case.

Dry, cracked heels can make life miserable and prevent you from completing day-to-day routines and participating in activities you love. If you have tried unsuccessfully to treat this yourself, let our foot and ankle specialist at Kirkland Office offer help. Don’t let an annoyance turn into something that keeps you off your feet for an extended period. Contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

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