Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

Your Big Toe Has Big Responsibilities

October 27, 2022

Your big toe plays — you guessed it — a big role in many of the vital and enjoyable activities that you’ve come to take for granted. Like proper balance and movement when you walk, run and stand. It carries much more of the burden than your other toes when it comes to bearing your weight. When your big toe — known in medical terminology as the hallux — is ailing, it can cause a big disruption in your daily life. That’s where our podiatrist at Kirkland Office comes in. It takes a specialist of the foot and ankle to diagnose and treat the various conditions that impair this dominant digit.

One of the most common conditions is the bunion, characterized by a bump on the side of the big toe and a toe that bends toward the second toe instead of pointing straight ahead. This crowding causes pain, soreness, inflammation and possibly even numbness. The condition is progressive, so it’s best to allow our podiatrist to diagnose and treat your bunions through a number of successful non-surgical options rather than continue to endure discomfort and face the possibility of surgery.

Turf toe is another injury affecting the big toe, which occurs when the toe gets bent the wrong way, either during sports like football or soccer, or even in the course of everyday activities like stubbing your toe. The condition can be as minor as a mild sprain, and as serious as a broken bone. The pain and swelling from turf toe can be severe, so a visit to the podiatrist to begin treatment as soon as possible is recommended.

There are few things as precious as our mobility. The ability to move around pain-free is essential to your freedom and quality of life. Allowing an injury to the big toe to linger can have long-term consequences. Our podiatrist at Kirkland Office will get you back on your feet comfortably, so please contact us today for an appointment!

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