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My Child’s Feet Are Growing Fast. How Can I Make Sure They’re Healthy?

May 30, 2022

Children grow up so fast that it can be hard to keep track of the changes they are going through. Their bodies change at an incredibly fast rate, including their feet. A growth spurt at some ages can lead to a child’s foot growing by a half-size every two to four months. This can make it difficult for parents to recognize when their child may be experiencing a foot problem, or if it is just a normal part of the child’s growing process. 

Your doctor of podiatric medicine at Kirkland Office is always prepared to answer parents’ questions on any concerns involving the health and development of their children’s feet. We can help differentiate between a condition that will correct itself naturally, or one that may require special attention. We can work with the child’s pediatrician to make sure any potential trouble spots are not being overlooked. 

Even at a young age, children can develop conditions like flat foot, toe walking, high or flat arches, and the growth of extra bones in the feet. Common warning signs parents need to watch for include an unevenness in the child’s gait; weakness of the ankles; calluses that pop up on a certain area of the foot; shin bones or thigh bones that look like they are turning inward; and, of course, any swelling, pain and redness that doesn’t go away after a reasonable period of time. There are many potential treatment options for pediatric conditions depending on their severity, including shoe inserts or custom orthotics, bracing, physical therapy and more, which can be evaluated together with the child’s other healthcare providers.

There are many things parents need to monitor when it comes to the healthy development of their children. Our podiatrist at Kirkland Office wants to make sure that their feet are growing as normally as the rest of their bodies. Please contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

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