Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

Ankle Injuries are Painful, Common, and Treatable

February 23, 2022

Few joints in our bodies are as complex and as important as our ankles. These hinge joints that connect the lower leg and the foot need to be stable, flexible, and strong enough to bear our weight. With the constant pounding they take every day, it’s no surprise that injuries to our ankles are remarkably common.

If you’ve been experiencing pain, stiffness, swelling, or instability in one or both ankles, there’s no one better to diagnose and treat these conditions than the podiatrist at Kirkland Office. Our doctor of podiatric medicine has years of training and experience focusing on disorders affecting the foot and ankle. The care we provide our patients is simply unmatched, taking advantage of both the latest technology and timeless methods that have produced excellent results for years.

There are a wide range of injuries and conditions affecting the ankle, the most common being a sprain, which occurs when we injure one or more of the ligaments. Some sprains are worse than others, and can even generate so much pain that it may feel like a fracture. Arthritis, general ankle instability, gout, tendonitis, and nerve damage are other potential culprits. Our podiatrist will perform a thorough hands-on examination and potentially seek an X-ray before confirming a diagnosis. 

Once we’ve discovered the source of your pain, we’ll create a plan to reduce inflammation and provide a range of treatment options depending on the severity. Our ultimate goal is helping you resume the activities you love, no matter your age or fitness level.

Walking is such a basic and integral part of our everyday life that when we can’t do it comfortably, nothing feels right. The podiatrist at Kirkland Office has been getting patients back on their feet for years. You don’t have to spend another day suffering with foot and ankle pain. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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