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Do You Suffer From Any of These Common Foot Problems?

January 18, 2022

Your feet are tasked with taking hundreds to thousands of strides every day, running long distances, and traveling up and down hills and stairs. So it’s no wonder that all that activity can result in problems with these high-performance body parts. 

At the office of Kirkland Office, we’re committed to helping you improve and maintain the health of your feet. We offer our patients empathy, patience and a broad spectrum of knowledge. Our experienced and friendly professionals will determine just the right treatment for you.

Here are some issues you may encounter. 

Fungal nail infection: Minute fungi can find their way into a nail via a break or crack, resulting in contamination that causes the nail to thicken and become weak and off-color. These infections won’t disappear by themselves. Mild cases might be cleared up with medicinal creams; severe cases will need prescription pills or even the surgical removal of the nail. 

An ingrown toenail: A nail that’s progressed into the skin can beget pain, swelling, redness and infection. Mild cases can be treated with soaks in warm water, maintaining good hygiene in the area and by lodging a little piece of cotton under the corner of the nail to separate it from the skin. A podiatrist can remove all or a section of the nail. 

Flatfoot: It crops up when your sole is completely or almost completely flat to the ground. Flatfoot can occur following an injury or due to health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis. Most folks lack symptoms, but a podiatrist can recommend exercises that will strengthen your foot. Wearing shoes with orthotics or strong arch support also helps. 

Plantar warts: These rough growths on your soles are from a virus that sneaks into your body via broken skin. If they’re painless, you can leave them alone. But when they’re way too sore to ignore, a podiatrist can burn or freeze them off; lasers and surgery are best for acute cases. 

Bunions: This bony lump at the bottom of your big toe makes that toe turn inward toward the others and pushes them out of alignment. Though cushioning pads, custom shoe inserts and roomy shoes can be helpful, surgery is sometimes the best remedy. 

At the office of Kirkland Office, our specialists are dedicated to the care and comfort of each patient. We are at the forefront of advances in care and offer effective solutions to improve the look, feel and function of your feet. Please don’t hesitate to call us today to learn how we can help any of your foot issues.

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