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Is a Custom Orthotic Right for You? Ask Your Podiatrist

September 28, 2021

Most footwear — including everything from dress shoes, to sneakers, to hiking boots  — come equipped with standard inserts that offer little in the way of support. These shoe inserts don’t take into account individual characteristics like the shape of the foot, height of the wearers’ arches or whether their feet roll inward or outward (pronation or supination) when they walk.

The doctors of podiatry at the offices of Kirkland Office are specially trained in diagnosing whether a shoe insole called a custom orthotic is indicated in addressing a patient’s specific issues. Conditions including bursitis, tendonitis, calluses, and plantar fasciitis — an inflammation of the band of soft tissue that extends from the heel to the toes — can be addressed through wearing a custom orthotic. These medical devices can also be helpful in aligning and supporting the foot and ankle, and in relieving pain following foot surgery.

Our podiatric specialists will perform a thorough evaluation that includes observing the patient’s gait before concluding whether a custom orthotic is indicated. If so, a precise impression of the shape of the foot will be taken in order to produce the device. This custom orthotic is different from the scores of over-the-counter inserts and insoles commonly available on the market because it has been crafted solely for the wearer, and under the supervision of a highly trained doctor who has carefully measured the unique features of the patient’s foot and ankle.

Walking is one of our most basic functions, one that we take for granted. But when we’re experiencing a problem with our feet, we realize just how precious it is. Don’t spend another day suffering from foot pain. The doctors of podiatry at Kirkland Office have the experience and treatments to get you comfortably back on your feet. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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