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If You Have a Circulatory Disorder, Have a Podiatrist Trim Your Toenails

August 24, 2021

People with peripheral vascular disease, diabetes or any other type of circulatory disorder have specials needs when it comes to foot care, including trimming their toenails. If you have a vascular illness, it’s important to your foot and overall health that you not get a pedicure from anyone—including yourself—except a podiatrist. These doctors know the correct and safe way to perform a medical pedicure. 

At the office of Kirkland Office, we’re committed to helping you improve and maintain the health of your feet. We offer our patients empathy, patience and a broad spectrum of knowledge. Our experienced and friendly podiatrists will determine the right treatment for you.

Expert pedicures also serve as preventative care, so your toenails don’t become ingrown or acquire fungus. Here’s why you don’t want either condition to strike your feet. 

Toenails are supposed to grow straight out. But when they become ingrown, one or both corners or sides grow into the surrounding soft tissue, which can cause pain, swelling, redness and irritation. This usually happens to the big toe, but the smaller ones are also susceptible. A podiatrist will remove the ingrown part of the nail, and, if necessary, prescribe an oral or topical medication to treat the infection. 

People with chronic ailments such as diabetes, circulatory impairments or immune deficiencies are prone to nail fungus. Toenail fungus (also called onychomycosis) grows under the nail. The infection often makes the nail become darker and smell bad. It’s possible that the fungus’s tiny organisms spread to fingernails, skin or other toenails. The ensuing thicker nails are tough to trim and make walking in shoes painful.

Neither of the above conditions is pleasant. Kirkland Office is at the forefront of advances in care and offer effective solutions to improve the look, feel and function of your feet. Please don’t hesitate to call us today to learn all about our services and how we can help any of your foot issues. We promise that your feet will be in good hands!

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