Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

Stop Jack Frost From Nipping at Your Toes

October 30, 2023

Winter’s cold temperatures bring challenges to foot health. You want to keep them safe from avoidable injuries and foot problems while you’re traipsing around in the outdoor elements. 

The office of Issaquah Office, where quality meets reliability, wants you to know how to keep your feet up and running through the frost, ice, snow and slush. Our service and top-notch attention to our patients set us apart from the rest. Your foot health starts with us. 

If you need new seasonal boots and shoes, shop for them in the late afternoon or early evening; that’s when your feet are their largest. While in the store, try on the prospective footwear while wearing your cold-weather socks and stockings. You don’t want the pain, blisters and awkward walking that come with shoes that are too tight. Make sure your picks have soles with good traction, which is imperative while walking on ice and snow. 

Water-resistant, insulated footwear is also important in the fight against damaging frostbite. Flimsy footwear invites slow blood circulation to feet. Diabetics are especially at risk because peripheral neuropathy (weakness, numbness and pain due to nerve damage) stifles their sense of feeling. 

Fungus, athlete’s foot and sweaty feet aren’t limited to the summer. Keep your tootsies dry with moisture-wicking acrylic-blend socks and footpowder. Put on a fresh pair after exercising, long walks or at day’s end. Leave wet shoes to dry overnight. 

Snow storms, squalls and flurries tend to creep up on us. Keep a pair of durable shoes or boots at work and in your care in case of a sneak attack. 

Care of the skin on your feet is also important. If yours are prone to dry soles and cracked heels, moisturize them every day, preferably right before bedtime. Covering them with a healing ointment, such as Vaseline, and putting on a pair of thin, cotton socks keeps feet well-moisturized and protects bedding from stains. 

Experience the difference that the office of Issaquah Office makes. Superiority is our signature, and satisfaction is our promise. We bring our patients elevated standards and impeccable professionalism. We look forward to providing you with podiatric care you can trust. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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