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Intense Pain In The Big Toe Joint? It Could Be Gout

February 23, 2022

If you have been experiencing  intense pain and inflammation in the joint of your big toe, it’s time to visit the doctor of podiatric medicine at Issaquah Office. Our specialist is uniquely qualified to determine the cause of your condition, which is potentially a form of arthritis called gout.

An attack of gout is triggered by an excess amount of uric acid accumulating in the joints. It’s a common ailment affecting some three million people a year, and was once referred to as a “rich man’s disease” because rich foods like meat and wine can indeed raise the levels of uric acid in our systems. Because the big toe is the farthest part of the body from the heart, it’s also the coolest part of the body, and is thus susceptible to this temperature-sensitive condition.

This tendency for uric acid to build up in the system is often inherited, but can also be linked to conditions like high blood pressure, our diets, diabetes, obesity, medications, and a host of other factors. The symptoms of gout include intense bouts of pain that occur swiftly, mainly during the night or upon rising. Redness and swelling at the joint are common, and the area may feel warm to the touch.

To diagnose this condition, our podiatrist performs a comprehensive examination that may include a blood test and X-ray to rule out other causes. The patient’s family and medical history, and their eating habits, are also discussed in detail. We may prescribe medication, recommend dietary restrictions, and suggest rest and immobilizing the affected foot in order to bring down the swelling.

For painful conditions of the foot such as gout, trust the expert: The doctor of podiatry at Issaquah Office. The level of care you’ll receive stands alone at the top of our specialty. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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